Honeycomb Speculoo's Baked Oats

Celebrating the most incredible creation that has been made with our Speculoo's Honeycomb Tiffin!! 🥰😍🤤 @hollysoats 📸 skills!!!

SPECULOO'S & HONEYCOMB TIFFIN BAKED OATS 🍯 Speculoo's filling with our honeycomb tiffin crumbled on top. Absolute heaven!!

▫️50g oats (blended) @quakeroatsuk
▫️20g dark chocolate protein @myprotein
▫️80ml unsweetened almond milk @alpro
▫️30g vanilla yoghurt @coconutcollab
▫️1tsp rawtella @theproteinworks
▫️1tsp cocoa powder
▫️1/2tsp baking powder
▫️Vanilla Flavdrops

Filling: 1tsp Biscoff spread

Topping: Biscoff & Honeycomb Tiffin @ohmychocuk (crumbled), @lotusbiscoffuk spread (drizzled)

•Blend your oats to create the oat flour.
•Mix all of the ingredients together, except the filling.
•Pour 3/4 of mixture into a greased ramekin and add the filling. Cover it up using the remaining mixture.
•Bake at 180 degrees Celsius Fan for 15-20 minutes. DEVOUR!