Hi choc lovers. Roz here! I love to keep you updated with the Oh My Choc journey and I have some exciting news to reveal. For the last 6 months, I've been working really hard behind the scenes to create some new packaging, which is suitable for retail shelves. 

So dreamy!

Its always been a dream of mine to see the bars on shop shelves and be able to reach more of you with the delicious chocolate treats. I know its not always possible to buy a whole box of 8 (especially just for yourself) so it will be an amazing achievement to be more accessible to everyone.

I still think Tiffin is THE most under rated chocolate bar (some people don't even know what it is?!) and I continue to make it my mission to show everyone how amazing, delicious and indulgent these fridge cake bars are. So excited to do some in store sampling!

The website will be updated soon with our list of stockists and also new options for ordering the single bars. 

Watch this space!

Peace, love and choc.