About Us

Oh My Choc's kitchen in South East London creates some of the UK's most loved chocolate treats, available to order online. They are beautifully packaged in cute little boxes and popped through your letterboxes hassle free. All our products are completely vegan, but you wouldn't guess it! Our mission is to make the most indulgent vegan chocolate bars that even the non vegans love. 

From the moment the little box drops onto your doormat, it is a special and luxury experience. These aren't ordinary vegan chocolate bars! They are extremely moreish, fudgy and indulgent. The nutty nougat bites are made with pure nut butters and good quality fair trade chocolate. Every bar is lovingly covered by hand and packaged snugly to be posted out to you First Class. They make the perfect treat for yourself or a loved one, whether they are vegan or non vegan!


How did Oh My Choc start? 

After giving up dairy for health reasons, founder Roz became obsessed with making vegan versions of her favourite treats. This included cakes, cupcakes, muffins, brownies and blondies. But what interested and inspired her the most was the chocolate bars. As a self confessed chocoholic and someone who has to eat chocolate every day, Roz started creating vegan versions of all her favourite chocolate bars. The first Oh My Choc product to be born was the Peanut Nougat Bites, replicating a Snickers bar. These quickly became popular in local cafes and she became known locally as 'Vegan Snickers Lady!' 

Taking the business online meant that these amazing treats can be posted all over the UK!