About Us

We make seriously indulgent Plant-Based Chocolate Fridge Cake Bars.
Oh My Choc's kitchen creates some of the UK's most loved chocolate treats. They are beautifully packaged in cute little boxes and popped through your letterbox hassle free. All the products are vegan and made in the UK.
Our Mission

 We are on a mission to show the world how delicious and indulgent vegan chocolate can be.

We want to create an accessible plant- based brand which makes it easy for people to switch from animal based choices, whilst also doing our part for the planet. 

 How did Oh My Choc start? 

Hello! Roz here!

I am a self confessed chocoholic and someone who has to eat chocolate every day!

After giving up dairy for health reasons, I became obsessed with making vegan versions of all my favourite treats. What excited me the most was 'veganising' all the best chocolate bars! The first Oh My Choc product to be born was the Peanut Nougat Bar, my version of a Snickers. These quickly became popular in local cafes and I became known locally as 'Vegan Snickers Lady!' 

Why Fridge Cake Bars (AKA Tiffin)?!

From a young age, I always loved baking with my Mum. One of the things I remember making is Tiffin. Crushing up biscuits, chucking in raisins, melting chocolate, butter and golden syrup together and then impatiently waiting for it to set in the fridge. It was always my favourite thing to eat: Fudgy but crunchy, rich but not to sweet, moreish, sweet and salty. When creating the range for Oh My Choc, I decided I HAD to create a vegan version of this delicious childhood treat. I wanted it to be just as good as the version with dairy in. Now, when people eat our tiffin, they say they can't tell the difference.